She Moved Through The Fair


Blackbird (Gaelic version)

Hot Asphalt/Irish Pub

Fields of Gold/Give Me Your Hand

E Horo

Seinn O

It's All Right

On We Go/Musical Priest

Banks of Sullane/Faill Ill O Ro

Fear a Fhata

Lily of The West

Fisherman's Wife/I'se the Bye

Black and Tans

Night Visitor's Song

Shove Around the Jug

I Know Who Is Sick

Haul Away

Courted A Sailor

Pump Chantey

Old Balena

Astor Liom GrĂ¡ Mo Chroi

Hector the Hero

Ballad of Arthur Clough

Swears Like a Sailor

Pat Murphy

Barrett's Privateers


Willie Taylor

Same Old Man

New York Gals

Foggy Dew

Willie Taylor

Faill Ill O Ro

Into The Mystic

Leis a Lurrigan

Instrumental Tune Sets with concertina, low-whistle and guitar:

Airs, Waltzes, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes

scrimshaw artist, Tim Reilly - Mystic, CT